Euthanasia Argumentative Essay

Tips on How to Write an Euthanasia Argumentative Essay

Abortion, birth control, death sentencing, legalization of medical marijuana, and gender reassignment surgery remain the most controversial medical issues. Euthanasia is also among the controversial topics in the medical field. It draws arguments from philosophy, ethics, and religious points of view.

By definition derives from a Greek term, which means good death. It is the practice where an experienced medical practitioner or a physician intentionally ends the life of an individual to end pain and suffering. It is also known by the name mercy killing or physician-assisted suicide.

Different countries have different laws as regards euthanasia. In the UK, for instance, physician-assisted suicide is illegal and can earn a medical practitioner 14 years imprisonment. All over the world, there is a fierce debate regarding mercy killing.

Like any other controversial topic, there are arguments for and against Euthanasia. Thus, there are two sides to the debate. The proponents or those for Euthanasia believe it is a personal choice issue, even when death is involved.

On the other hand, those against Euthanasia or the opponents believe that physicians must only assist patients when the patients are sound to make such a decision. That is where the debate centers.

This article explores some of the essential basics to follow when writing an exposition, argumentative, persuasive, or informative essay on Euthanasia.

Steps in Writing a Paper on Euthanasia

When assigned homework on writing a research paper or essay on Euthanasia, follow these steps to make it perfect.

1. Read the Prompt

The essay or research paper prompt always has instructions to follow when writing any academic work. Students, therefore, should read it to pick up the mind of the professor or teaching assistant on the assigned academic task. When reading the prompt, be keen to understand what approach the professor prefers. Besides, it should also tell you the type of essay you are required to write and the scope.

2. Choose a Captivating Topic

After reading the prompt, you must frame your euthanasia essay title. Make sure that the title you choose is captivating enough as it invites the audience to read your essay. The title of your essay must not divert from the topic but make it catchy enough to lure and keep readers. An original and well-structured essay title on Euthanasia should give an idea of what to expect in the body paragraphs. It simply gives them a reason to read your essay.

3. Decide on the Best Thesis Statement for your Euthanasia Essay

Creating a thesis statement for a euthanasia essay does not deviate from the conventions of essay writing. The same is consistent when writing a thesis statement for a euthanasia research paper. The thesis statement can be a sentence or two at the end of the introduction that sums up your stance on the topic of Euthanasia. It should be brief, well crafted, straight to the point, and outstanding. From the start, it should flow with the rest of the essay, and each preceding paragraph should support the thesis statement.

4. Write an Outline

An outline gives you a roadmap of what to write in each part of the essay, including the essay hook, introduction, thesis statement, body paragraphs, and conclusion. We have provided a sample euthanasia essay outline in this article, be sure to look at it.

5. Write the First Draft

With all ingredients in place, it is now time to write your euthanasia essay by piecing up all the different parts. Begin with an essay hook, then the background information on the topic, then the thesis statement in the introduction. The body paragraphs should each contain an idea well supported with facts from books, journals, articles, and other scholarly sources. Be sure to follow the MLA, APA, Harvard, or Chicago formatting conventions when writing the paper as advised in the essay prompt.

6. Proofread and Edit the Essay

You have successfully skinned the elephant, and it is now time to cut the pieces and consume them. Failure to proofread and edit an essay can be dangerous for your grade. There is always an illusion that you wrote it well after all. However, if you take some time off and come to it later, you will notice some mistakes. If you want somebody to proofread your euthanasia essay, you can use our essay editing service. All the same, proofreading a report is necessary before turning the paper in.

Creating a Euthanasia Essay or Research Paper Outline

Like any other academic paper, having a blueprint of the entire essay on Euthanasia makes it easy to write. Writing an outline is preceded by choosing a great topic. In your system or structure of an argumentative essay on Euthanasia, you should highlight the main ideas such as the thesis statement, essay hook, introduction, topic sentences for the body paragraphs and supporting facts, and the concluding remarks. Here is a sample outline for a euthanasia argumentative essay.

This is a skeleton for your euthanasia essay:


  • Hook sentence/ attention grabber
  • Thesis statement
  • Background statement (history of Euthanasia and definition)
  • Transition to Main Body

Main Body

  • The legal landscape of Euthanasia globally
  • How Euthanasia affects physician-patient relationships
  • Biblical stance on Euthanasia
  • Consequences of illegal Euthanasia
  • Ethical and moral issues of Euthanasia
  • Philosophical stance on Euthanasia
  • Transition to Conclusion


  • Summary
  • Restated thesis statement
  • Unexpected twist or a final argument
  • Food for thought

Sample Euthanasia Essay Outline

Title: Euthanasia is not justified


Essay hook – It is there on TV, but did you know that a situation could prompt a doctor to bring to an end suffering and pain of a terminally ill patient? There is more than meets the eye in Euthanasia.

Thesis statement: despite the arguments for and against Euthanasia, it is legally and morally wrong to kill any person, as it disregards the right to life of an individual and the value of human life.


Paragraph 1: Euthanasia should be condemned as it ends the sacred lives of human beings.

  • Only God gives life and has the authority to take it, not humans.
  • The bible says thou shalt not kill.
  • The Quran states, “Whoever killed a Mujahid (a person who is granted the pledge of protection by the Muslims) shall not smell the fragrance of Paradise though its fragrance can be smelt at a distance of forty years (of traveling).

Paragraph 2: Euthanasia gives physicians the power to determine who lives and dies.

  • Doctors end up playing the role of God.
  • It could be worse when doctors make mistakes or advance their self-interests to make money. They can liaise with family members to kill for the execution of a will.

Paragraph 3: it destroys the patient-physician relationship

  • Patients trust the doctors for healing
  • When performed on other patients, the remaining patients lose trust in the same doctor of the facility.
  • Under the Hippocratic Oath, doctors are supposed to alleviate pain, end suffering, and protect life, not eliminate it.

Paragraph 4: Euthanasia is a form of murder

  • Life is lost in the end.
  • There are chances that when tried with other therapeutic and non-therapeutic approaches, terminally ill patients can always get better.
  • It is selfish to kill a patient based on a medical report, which could be erratic.
  • Patients respond well to advanced care approaches.

Paragraph 5: (Counterargument) euthanasia proponents argue based on relieving suffering and pain and reducing the escalating cost of healthcare.

  • Euthanasia helps families avoid spending much on treating a patient who might not get well.
  • It is the wish of the patients who have made peace with the fact that they might not recover.


In sum, advancements in technology in the medical field and the existence of palliative care are evidence enough that there is no need for mercy killing. Even though there are claims that it ends pain and suffering, it involves killing a patient who could respond to novel approaches to treatment.

Euthanasia Essay Introduction Ideas

An introduction is a gate into the compound of your well-reasoned thoughts, ideas, and opinions in an essay. As such, the introduction should be well structured to catch the readers’ attention from the onset.

While it seems the hardest thing to do, writing an introduction should never give you the fear of stress, blank page, or induce writer’s block. Instead, it should flow right from the essay hook to the thesis statement.

Given that you can access statistics, legal variations, and individual stories based on personal experiences with Euthanasia online, writing a euthanasia essay introduction should be a walk in the park.

Ensure that the introduction to the essay is catchy, appealing, and informative. Here are some ideas to use:

  • Rights of humans to life
  • How Euthanasia is carried out
  • When Euthanasia is legally allowed
  • Stories from those with experience in Euthanasia
  • The stance of doctors on Euthanasia
  • Definition of Euthanasia
  • Countries that allow Euthanasia
  • Statistics of physicians assisted suicide in a given state, locality, or continent.
  • Perception of the public, given the diversity of culture.

There are tons of ideas on how to start an essay on Euthanasia. You need to research, immerse yourself in the topic, and scoop the best evidence. Presenting facts in an argumentative essay on Euthanasia will help convince the readers to argue either for or against Euthanasia. Depending on your stance, make your statements in favor of Euthanasia or statements against Euthanasia known from the onset through a strong thesis statement.

Essay Topics and Ideas on Euthanasia

  1. Should Euthanasia be legal?
  2. Is Euthanasia morally justified?
  3. Should Euthanasia be considered Iatrogenic?
  4. What are the different types of Euthanasia?
  5. The history of Euthanasia
  6. How does Euthanasia work?
  7. Cross-cultural comparison of attitudes and beliefs on Euthanasia
  8. Euthanasia from a patient’s point of view
  9. Sociology of Death and Dying
  10. It Is Much Better to Die with Dignity Than to Live with Pain Essay
  11. The biblical stance on Euthanasia
  12. Does Euthanasia epitomize the failed medical approaches?
  13. Euthanasia is a moral dilemma
  14. Should Physician-Assisted Suicide be legal?
  15. Euthanasia Law of Euthanasia in California and New York
  16. Arguments for and against Euthanasia and assisted suicide
  17. Euthanasia is inhuman
  18. Are family and relative’s decisions considered during Euthanasia?
  19. The euthanasia debates
  20. Euthanasia Is a Moral, Ethical and Proper
  21. Effect of Euthanasia on Special Population
  22. Role of nurses in Euthanasia

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