Patient Evaluation and Diagnosis Paper

Consider a 92-year-old patient with obstructive sleep apnea, hypertension, moderate chronic anemia, restless leg syndrome, and osteoporosis who has been diagnosed with several diseases. He did state that he had fallen a few times while driving to a well-known destination. As an advanced practice nurse working with elderly patients, you’re almost certainly to encounter someone like this. While he can complete the basic tests, his report of falls and confusion might indicate underlying problems of immobility, sensory deprivation, or cognitive dysfunction that need to be addressed. Healthcare professionals use a variety of tools to detect these possible underlying issues and set apart normal from abnormal aging-related changes.

You’ll look at assessment tools and evaluation plans utilized to evaluate geriatric patients with concerns of immobility, sensory deprivation, or cognitive dysfunction.

In this case study, document an explanation of your evaluation strategy for the patient and whether you may utilize a certain kind of assessment tool on the patient. Discuss whether the assessment tool was validated for use with this patient’s specific patient population and if there are any difficulties. Include any other factors that might raise concerns when performing assessments, such as language skills, education, prosthetics, and so on. Also explain how immunization requirements impact health promotion and disease prevention for the patient

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