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If you’ve only recently completed your dissertation and are considering having it professionally edited, there are two points to consider.

First and foremost, congratulations! Your dissertation is likely to be the most difficult writing project you’ll ever complete. Only about half of those who begin a PhD do so in full, so good job.

The second thing is this:

Every piece of writing can benefit from editing, but the expert editing you’ll get from Global English Editing for your dissertation is essential.

Why do you need professional dissertation editing?

Dissertations are extremely challenging.

You’ll be expected to do a lot of the legwork for this type of assignment, and you’ll be in charge of collecting all the data. You’re not only being asked to conduct an original study; you’re basically required to be the area’s leading specialist. You also have to prove it in a highly formulaic paper containing numerous, often complex criteria—all of which are written to the highest academic standards.

The most important reason to acquire Global English Editing’s help with your dissertation is because you have the impression that you are not able to complete it on your own.

1. Dissertations are complex

While the demands for each discipline differ, all dissertations include at least six major sections.

The purpose of the Introduction is to introduce your essay, not to perform a Literature Review. It also demands a more open and welcoming writing style. The Technique sections should be succinct, direct, and clear. They are not the same as the Discussion areas, which should take on a greater level of complexity.

The list goes on.

Complexity is also increased by the sheer amount of more ‘mundane’ activities, such as creating headings and subheadings, drawing graphs figures and tables, bibliographies, and appendices. There’s also the difficulty of verifying the accuracy of your references. (We’ve worked on more than a thousand-footnote dissertations!)

It’s difficult to know where to start when it comes to keeping track of so many standards. Incorporating them correctly can lead to the following:

  • Errors
  • Things being left out
  • Subpar writing.

That’s when Global English Dissertation Editing Services enters the picture.

Our writers can take care of the entire dissertation writing process, from start to finish, and ensure that all parts of your dissertation are written at a high level of quality.

2. You need an objective reader

We all know that writers should not edit their own work, but what about when someone else makes a few little changes to something you’ve written?

This old adage is especially true for dissertations. Students become so preoccupied with reading their dissertations that they are no longer able to be impartial.

Finding a friend or family member to read the dissertation with a “fresh pair of eyes” is often an effective remedy. This frequently goes badly.

Unless these ‘fresh eyes’ belong to an editor with experience, they will miss mistakes; the people who own them will misunderstand your ideas, ask the wrong questions, and offer useless suggestions – if they can get through the whole thing in the first place!

Many honors, master’s, doctoral, and postdoctoral students have benefited from the dissertation editors at Global English Editing in assisting them with the completion of their theses and dissertations. Many of us have PhDs ourselves. We understand the difficulties of writing a dissertation from personal experience.

As a result, you will have thoroughly checked your work for spelling and grammatical errors and met the demands of your supervisor and committee.

What Global English Editing will do for you

Your Global English Editing editor will:

  • Errors in spelling, grammar, usage, and punctuation are all corrected.
  • Improve your writing and sentence structure
  • Improve your language, especially the clarity of your expression and academic tone.
  • Make sure all academic requirements, including the one you’ve chosen for referencing, are met.
  • Make sure the document’s headings and subheadings are consistent; that the table of contents is correct; that titles of figures and graphs are correct; that footnotes, endnotes, or in-text referencing are used correctly; that a bibliography or reference list is provided.
  • Our editors will also provide helpful criticism on things such as syntax, jargon, clichés, vocabulary, repetition, and imprecision to assist you improve your writing.

We want you to focus on what’s most essential: your study and the creation of excellent material. You may rest confident that, through the editing procedure, your writing and language will improve considerably, and all academic norms will be met.

Hundreds of students from across the world have benefitted from our program.

Experienced dissertation editors

Our dissertation editors are what set us apart from other dissertation editing services.

English editing by an international team of academics with diverse areas of expertise, including:

  • (biomedical, life science, physical science, and engineering)
  • Business & Economics
  • Humanistics and Social Sciences
  • Education related
  • Legal
  • Psychology

Our dissertation editors are all academic experts with PhDs; most have additional credentials in professional editing as well. They also have extensive expertise as academic editors. Because we only hire the top native-English speakers from the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia, you can be confident that they will be able to significantly enhance your dissertation writing.

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Would you be interested in discussing your dissertation and the editing requirements with us? Please contact us at any time to discuss your concerns.

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