CTI Sharing

Hey Peter,

Instructions bottom of the attached document. (CTI Sharing Instructions) We need to continue with the previous assignment (attached). 

The task entails CTI Sharing that you have already written. I added to what needs to be done on this dox and at the bottom where it says “NEXT PART” Those are the next steps. Please get back to me as soon as possible. So all the files you would need is the files that I provided plus the assignment you worked on last time. This assignment is not very specific apart from the docx intructions that I provided. So it will be up to you to use the example that I provided or other similar examples. You can decide on the word count/ pages. I don’t want you to fill out a bunch of words or fill a bunch of pages. Include stuff that is relevant and important. But it should be a couple of pages. SO…. pretty much: 


  1. Instructions to form to CTI Sharing Framework/Program for Independent Health Systems. 
  2. Use the Cybersecurity Program EXAMPLE docx to see how it should be structured or other good Framework/Program Examples. 
  3. Use the CTI SHARING FUNCTION docx to help you build this Framework and other resources.


Also don’t forget to consider this part of the document “You can use the program roadmap that I provided as an example (CyberSec Example) and is what ideally you want to use as a template. But you don’t have to, and you can use other examples/frameworks if you find it. Think of Threats happening in the Health Sector, and think of detection systems and Indicators and what their appropriate Response would be. Remember that this document is geared towards the health sector and so I would recommend using NIST Framework or other resources alike. Also read the NIST Special Publication 800-150 again and take as much information from that framework to see once again what you will working with. ”  

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